Lenovo vs Dell 2021

When you think of laptop makers, several popular brands come to mind, which will definitely include Dell and Lenovo. These companies are renowned for producing quality laptops with varied designs. However, before you make your final choice, let us help you compare brands and see how they compare to each other.

How to choose a good PC?

Innovative technologies are changing at a tremendous rate, and every six months there is an increase in requirements along with the improvement of computer components.

The universal solution is universal laptops for everyday use. This technique is used for work or study. The key features are two points – a screen diagonal of 15-17 inches and a standard processor that will not pull heavy games or bulky programs for graphics and editing. So, designers and avid players are better off looking at other options.

To choose a good computer you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • The video card is responsible for working with graphics and images. So, you can not save on it. But its power should harmonize with the same processor – a good option much cheaper than $ 1000 is LENOVO IdeaPad Gaming 3 with its NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650.
  • The processor or CPU is the most important component of a gaming PC after a video card. A powerful processor helps to ensure fast operation of the whole computer, the CPU is the “brain” of the whole system. An ideal gaming computer should have 6 to 8 cores, maybe more.
  • SSD or HDD. SSDs are faster, more reliable, and more energy-efficient than standard HDDs. Yes, HDDs are more affordable – especially when it comes to large amounts of memory.
  • Players should choose FullHD or 4K. Then the game world will unfold in all its glory.
  • Hard drive. The average choice of volume converges on a 250-500 GB SSD (solid-state drive) and 1 TB of classic HDD.

Lenovo or Dell?

The most successful option will be computers from Dell and Lenovo. These brands have a perfect value for money, in other words, they are not expensive, but quite high quality and time-tested.

There is not much difference between Lenovo vs Dell in terms of specs, price, and performance. To distinguish these two models, the following points can be considered:

  • Dell is better known in the tech world, but Lenovo is also on par with other well-known computer companies.
  • Both companies offer a good range of notebooks that appeal to all market players and at competitive prices. The main difference that separates the two companies is the excellent customer service you get when you buy a Dell laptop.
  • DELL has powerful processors, a stylish appearance, and excellent service. The same XPS line, for example, demonstrates quality with a chic price tag and a nice “appearance”. Vostro and Latitude models are loved in the business segment. They are powerful, beautiful, and at the same time skillfully protect data. Not everywhere you can find a thin laptop with a fingerprint scanner that will survive a fall from the table. They follow the canons of high privacy, even in such trifles as a protective curtain in the webcam.
  • For business and home use – Lenovo is a great variant. Their universal design does not cause questions. Lenovo focuses on 3 lines: the base V, the mid-range IdeaPad, and the powerful ThinkPad. Also, the company is still releasing a series of Yoga. However, from transformers, it has turned into ultra-thin laptops.
  • If you are looking for a rugged laptop with a beautiful design, made with quality components at a reasonable price, Lenovo is worth a look.