How to play D&D online?

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of this board game or a beginner looking to dive into a fantasy RPG game for the first time, you might want to play it online. In this article, we will discuss how to play D&D online.

What is D&D?

Apparently, everyone as a child spent more than one hour playing “Monopoly”. So, Dungeons and Dragons is also a board game, but more complex, but no less interesting. In addition, unlike most board games, D&D contains elements of RPG (Role Play Game), the game will require the connection of your imagination and use as a character.

D&D also provides socialization, giving friends the ability to create and store shared play stories, whether they want to embark on a pre-scripted adventure or bold ideas of their own.

The game is also very well suited for online. Through a mixture of verbal storytelling and predictable mechanics, you can successfully play D&D on your webcam without having to get together in person.

The essence of the game

The game guide is divided into three parts. The first part helps you decide what type of campaign you would like to start. The second part helps to create adventures – stories, component parts of the campaign, that keep players passionate from one game gathering to the next. The last part helps you learn the rules of the game and change them to better fit the style of your campaign.

The Master is the creative force behind every D&D game. The DM creates a world that other players can explore, and he also creates adventures that create a storyline. Adventures are usually tied to the successful completion of a mission and can be the size of one game meeting. Longer adventures can entangle players in greater conflicts that take longer to resolve. Taken together, such adventures form campaigns.

Each Master is the creator of his own world. Whether you are inventing your own world, adapting a world from a favorite movie or novel, or using published rules for D&D games, this world is yours for the duration of the campaign.

Create your characters

D&D requires character creation by selecting a list of features and abilities from the official guide. In the classic game, the player writes this information onto his character sheet. At the same time, it will be difficult for the Dungeon Master to track player data when playing online, so there are several modern services that can be used to simplify this task. In addition, DND Beyond has a host of usability features such as the Encounter Builder beta, which will let Dungeon Masters test the likelihood that their players will survive the coming battle.

You can also roll digital Kraken dice that will calculate the score for you. This is convenient for beginners who are not yet familiar with the mathematical side of the game.

Virtual spaces

Tavern virtual spaces can take on many guises. Meeting in a real tavern is not recommended, but you can still get a party and go on an adventure.

  • Use virtual tabletop platforms Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds if you like battle maps and miniatures. With them, you can find new groups online!
  • Control your campaign virtually with D&D Beyond. D&D Adventurers League content can be connected at home. Find out how to organize an official League of Adventurers game here.
  • If you don’t need maps and thumbnails to play, Skype, Zoom, and Discord are great for voice messaging and video calling. Free to download.