Board meeting management software that reduces complexity and increases security

Boardroom portals are state-of-the-art solutions to the problems boards have faced their entire existence. They make meetings more efficient and improve your security, and board portals make meeting preparation easier. The market for board portals began to evolve when directors became tired of traditional business processes because they are a great management tool as well as allowing you to vote, have remote meetings and collect all the data you need in one place. In this article, we’ll look at how board portals improve the boarding process and review the best representatives.

Important considerations when choosing a board portal provider

No matter how progressive a solution is, people still need time to get used to it and adapt to it. It’s also worth remembering that not all board room solutions are a great option to use, you only need to use those solutions that offer good security and management features to make traditional case management easier and make the meeting process more efficient. The qualities you need to look out for in a whiteboard portal are:

  • Adaptability

An implementation can only be considered successful when your team has adopted and started using it on an ongoing basis. In order to make this “lapping” process faster, you need to choose a solution that is conducive to this in every way, namely providing an intuitive interface, supporting all devices, and having a good support team that is ready to contact you at any time. You also need the portal to have annotation features and other features that would not limit the capabilities of your members.

  • Features

In addition to basic features such as an online bulletin board or scheduling features, each board portal has its own strengths compared to other competitors. Your board needs to determine what’s most specific to you; perhaps you’re frequently collaborating on presentations, or you need more privacy tools. And on that basis, you should look for a vendor.

  • Security

Every boardroom vendor has its own specific security features. When choosing your vendor, you need to look at their security practices and determine whether or not they are right for you. For example, you can choose between cloud and on-premises deployments, and other security methods.

Overviews of the best board portals

Below, we’ve highlighted the best representatives of board portals today, and identified their main features:

  • Administrative Control

This solution has both a web-based solution and its own iPhone and iPad app. It offers you flexible online collaboration and fast and secure document sharing. Use Administrative Controls when working during the council, due diligence, or the stock market.

  • Aprio

Aprio offers you a simple space, responsive support, and great collaboration tools. This board meeting management software contains all the features you need to successfully organize and manage your meeting and maintain constant security. Aprio is suitable for boards of directors from any industry and provides easy access to meeting materials from any location, device, and at any time.

  • Boardable

Boardable makes meeting preparation issues much easier With it, you can create agendas, minutes, and votes. You can save and store all documents in space and share them securely. The solution integrates perfectly with your other applications and simplifies routine tasks. One nice benefit is the user-friendly mobile app.